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Why does my organisation need Pre Employment Drugs Testing?


It is a very well known fact that drug usage is commonplace within the UK.  It is mostly used as a recreational pasttime, but what happens when it spills over into your employees contracted hours?

A lot of businesses including small firms, Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres, Airport Services, security companies, doorman agencies, up to One of the UK's largest retail giants within their distribution centres and one of Europes largest delivery companies, now use Pre Employment Drugs testing when choosing their candidates.


This in turn benefits organisations in many ways, such as promoting best practice, saving money on re-hiring new staff, possible insurance premiums being lowered and many more advantages.



This is where we can help you at a competetive price.  We will come to your location and perform these tests. The results are almost immediate so there is no waiting time in a laboratory.  We will even dispose of these tests for you so there is no extra cost to remove clinical waste.


Everything has been drafted from an Employment Law perspective, therefore all consent forms will be provided for your records.


Please call today should you require further information or wish to book our services.


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