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All of our training is based around positive techniques so we can gauge the existing knowledge of each candidate. All training is also of the highest quality. Should this training be undertaken at your business location there is no minimum number of candidates.  If it is at one of our training venues the minimum candidate level is less than half of what you would expect from a training company. That said, each service also has its own unique benefits:

Health & Social Care


All certificates are given on the day of training so there is no waiting time for you to add the originals or copies to your records.


All attendees will also have a work book that they will be able to keep and review including a matrix sign-off sheet that can be used as evidence towards a NVQ/QCF Qualification. 


Trainer Feedback forms will also be completed at your request to aid you in motivating and developing your employees via appraisals.


Training can also be booked at short notice if required.

Industrial Manual Handling & Fire Awareness


Each certificate is supplied on the day.  


The training will only be a short 2 hour session but will cover everything from legislation to the moving techniques.


This training can also be booked at short notice if required.

Employment Advice & Documentation
Whether you need advice on Disciplinary Procedures, require a Profit & Loss worksheet or need to understand what is required when hiring your first employee, we are here to help.  
We only ever charge you for the time taken and any documents will be bespoke to your needs.
Once the final document is approved the sole ownership of said document will be yours to own and reproduce at your own lesiure.



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